Golden Circuit 16 days Tour included Naadam Festival

Golden Circuit 16 days Tour included Naadam Festival

11 Jul 09:00 - 24 Jul 17:00 - Ulaanbaatar
Adventure Rider Mongolia


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COLDEN CIRCUIT tour is our best seller and most recommended tour included Naadam Festival.

Mongolia's Colden Circuit' highlights the most -visited regions of the country Like Khuvsgul, the Orkhon Valley and the South Gobi. You may have time to visit one or two of the areas mentioned-all three. Lake Kuvsgul is the famous blue in northern Mongolia bordering Siberia, near many great fishing rivers. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty and we will offers good accommodation, comfortable schedule and many activities like riding, hiking and climbing. Also travel to Orkhon Valley, with its forested mountain landscape, waterfalls, spas and temple sites, to visit the site of Kharkhorum, the ancient capital of the Mongol empire and the monastery of Erdene Zuu.

Including all of the Gobi desert, Central area and Northern- you will meet different cultures and nomad people. Amazing scenery, history, wildlife and adventure wait on this fabulous trip - we promise you won't forget it!
COLDEN CIRCUIT tour is our best seller and most recommended tour.

Mongolian Naadam Festival, one of its kind and a sophisticated and eloquent expression of the nomadic culture. #Naadam is the honored celebration of the Nation´s independence, and is an outstanding combination of arts and sports. Even though the core of the festival is the three manly sports - wrestling, horse racing and archery, it embraces many elements of arts, such as singing, dancing and performing.
The Naadam tradition is truly ancient in its origins, predating, perhaps by millennia, the rise of Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khan) in the early Thirteenth Century. Naadam can be equated to the original Olympic Games of ancient Greece.

Tour Itinerary - Golden Circuit 16 days ( Gobi + Central Mongolia + Khovsgol Lake )

Day 1. We will watch the Naadam Opening Ceremony after drive to Terelj National Park via Chingiss Khaan horse Statue
Day 2. Drive to Baga Gazariin chuluu, Rock formation
Day 3. Drive to Tsagaan suvarga, White Cliffs
Day 4. Drive to Yoliin Am, Yol valley
Day 5. Drive to Khongor sand dune ( camel riding, sand sledding )
Day 6. Drive to Ongi ruins via Bayanzag, Flaming Cliffs
Day 7. Drive to Orkhon Waterfall
Day 8. Drive to Tsenkher Hot Spring ( overnight in Tourist Camp )
Day 9. Drive to Terkh White Lake
Day 10. Horse trip to Khorgo Volcano
Day 11. Drive to Five River (overnight in Tourist Camp)
Day 12. Drive to Khovsgol Lake
Day 13. Horse trip near Khovsgol Lake
Day 14. Horse trip to Reindeer family
Day 15. Drive to near Selenge river or Amarbayasgalant Monastery
Day 16. Drive back to UB city (visit cashmere and souvenirs shop

-You will have a chance to show local's Naadam 2-3 times during the tour.
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