Sacred Mountain adventure YOGA tour (July 11 – July 27)

Sacred Mountain adventure YOGA tour (July 11 – July 27)

11 Jul 10:00 - 13:00 - Ulaanbaatar
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Steppe Yoga is a guided TOUR that blends yoga, nature, culture, food, and adventure to create a truly authentic Mongolian experience. Come and enjoy the wonder of Mongolia with conscious and sustainable manner.


Explore the breath-taking, snow-capped Altai Mountains in Western Mongolia. Scale picturesque glaciers, marvel at ancient rock paintings and soak in endless grasslands, vistas and lakes on horseback. Immerse yourself in this sacred mountain, and one of the worlds the most fascinating nomadic cultures while you still can.

Join us as we horseback ride towards Mongolia’s highest mountain, with camels carrying our gear. You will see eagles, so revered in Mongolian culture for their vision, wisdom and strength. Get up close and hold these eagles, watch them soar through the mountains and open plains and be awestruck by their ability to reach incredible heights. Be welcomed into the home of a Kazak family, share dinner with them, laugh and play games and take this rare opportunity to learn about their culture.

The last few days of the tour you will visit stunning Terelj National park, only 70km away from Ulaanbaatar city to reflect upon and integrate your wild western Mongolia adventure.

Nourish your body and mind with daily yoga and meditation practice in nature’s breathtaking yoga studio, the Steppe lands. Through this transformational journey you will return home with unforgettable memories, inner peace, greater resilience and a lasting connection with nature and yourself.
No photos, documentaries or books can beat experiencing the real Mongolia. If you want a real adventure off the beaten track, this is the journey for you!

ITINERARY (July 11 – July 27, 2018 )" target=_blank class="shref">

Day 1 – Ulaanbaatar city tour
Day 2 – Flight to Ulgii town
Day 3 – Shiveet Khairkhan Sacred mountain
Day 4 – Potanine glacier
Day 5 – Machin peak(4037m), Tavan Bogd sacred moutain
Day 6 – Potanine glacier
Day 7 – Khoton lake
Day 8 – Turgen Waterfall
Day 9 – Surgaali area, stay with Kazak family
Day 10 – Dayan lake
Day 11 – Tsengel Khairhan sacred mountain
Day 12 – Ulgii town
Day 13 Flight back to UB
Day 14 – Terelj National Park
Day 15 – Terelj National park
Day 16 – UB Farewell
Day 17 – Departure


Your host Selenge was born in Khuder, a small town in the north-east. She grew up in the countryside chasing horses, playing outdoors and picking wild berries. In Mongolia she worked for 8 years as a tour guide and manager for people all over the world. She moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2010 and there discovered the transformative qualities of yoga. Her journey lead her to India and Bali where she learnt the life changing yogic philosophies of asana, pranayama and meditation. In 2014, she combined her passion for yoga and Mongolian nature and culture by creating Steppe Yoga Tours. Her intention for Steppe Yoga Tours is to share this passion with the conscious community in a whole–hearted way in this unique environment. Selenge brings a refreshing sense of fun and irreverence to her practice allowing people to explore new dimensions of both their inner and outer world.

RE-WILD yourself

Whatever comes up in this journey, you will be held, guided and given the opportunity to open up and be your authentic self! Letting go, laughing, rediscovering your truth, connecting to your inner child, dancing under the moonlight and releasing any shame or fears will be welcomed in this journey.
Selenge will invite you to ‘Re-Wild yourself’ release the energy and expectations of the city, and replace it with your connection to the earth. You will have the space and opportunity to re-birth your spirit and allow what emerges to flow freely into the elements around you. Selenge will guide you into stepping into your most empowered self by sharing her daily rituals and practice.
This experience will be hugely transformative and enjoyable! The Mongolian nature and culture offers something exquisite and totally unique to anything else.


• Practice yoga asana everyday in nature to bring you peace and vitality
• Learn yoga asana, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation, giving you the tools to take them home and create a sustainable lifelong practice
• Participate in evening interactive self-development workshops on the philosophy of yoga, resilience in a harsh environment, yogic breath…etc.
• Trek and hike in Mongolia’s highest mountain will give you a deeper sense of connection to mother nature
• Meet Kazak and Khalkh nomads, learn about their life, play traditional games with the locals and party with them.
• Load our gear on camels like the nomadic locals and trek towards the Tavan Bogd mountain range
• Participate in unique culinary experiences such as Khorkhog (Mongolian BBQ), fermented mare’s milk, dried curd, and Mongolian cheese. (The remaining meals on the tour will be mostly vegetarian.)
• See and hold eagles
• Witness a throat singer performance.
• Immerse yourself in the history and culture of this unknown wonderland
• Attend Mongolia’s traditional festival, Naadam, in a small village (circumstances permitting)
• Participate in a Tuvan Shamanic ceremony (circumstances permitting)
• Gather around the bonfire and exchange stories with your friendly fellow travellers
• Camp by alpine lakes and a glacier
• Find petroglyphs and Turkic stones

If you want an adventure that goes far beyond what most tourist experiences can offer, this is the tour for you!

CONTACT Selenge:
ph: 0452509926

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SteppeYoga tours SteppeYoga tours
Steppe Yoga is a guided TOUR that blends yoga, nature, culture, food, and adventure to create a truly authentic Mongolian experience. Come and enjoy the wonder of Mongolia with...   More info

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