Mongolia Retreat 2018

Mongolia Retreat 2018

08 Jun 11:00 - 19 Jun 10:00 - Ulaanbaatar
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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The Mongolia Retreat is the trip of a lifetime. The one you have been waiting for and without a doubt, the biggest, most exciting and exclusive trip that we are offering in 2018. This trip is so good it is limited to the first 20 people to register.

Join us for 12 days in Mongolia and visit the Legendary Gobi Desert & Mystical Khangai Mountains. We will visit Ulaanbaatar, Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park, Khongor Sand dunes, the Bayanzag red flaming cliffs, the Ongi temple ruin, Orkhon valley and Kharakhorum.

Immerse yourself in the Mongolian Culture by staying in Gers (Mongolian Yurts), meeting and spending time with local nomads and participating in a host of Retreat Activities.

This is more than a Retreat. It is a journey of discovery and wonder. An opportunity to visit a land that is diverse, expansive, awe-inspiring and untamed. Equally matched by its welcoming people, their ancient customs and heritage.

In the evening we will sit around the campfire, have good conversations and soak in the atmosphere.

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The Mongolia Retreat costs £1800 if booked before 1st September and £2200 thereafter. At this stage, you can secure your place with a deposit of £100. We will then contact to arrange a payment plan for the balance.

There has been a lot of anticipation for this Retreat and places are strictly limited to 20 people – book soon if you really want to go.

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